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La-Belle-AffaireExpensive Escorts in London come in all shapes and sizes. But those aspects aside, they also vary in their rates; some are just normal escorts, while others are high end companions who charge mind boggling sums just to be by your side. In an expensive City like London, you’re bound to meet very elite and expensive escorts who actually offer their services to a select few elite of the globe.

Often, an expensive escort is usually more than what she’s wearing, her jewelry, designer clothes, or such. It’s about her worth as a woman, it’s about her ability to dwarf the rest, and position herself as the “alpha female”. Designer brands and expensive jewelry just come to crown an already expensive personality. They are polished, classy, intelligent, even educated ladies who know just how to capture all the attention of a guy. From the ability hold an intelligent discussion, to a sense of humor, even displaying the etiquette needed when accompanying a VIP client, these escorts got it all.

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It’s not a surprise to find the most expensive escort charging her services on an hourly basis, and even vetting you as the client, and not the other way round! She can afford to drive the latest Porsche cars, don the most expensive jewelry, and so unless you’re adding value to her schedule or life, chances are that these escorts won’t waste their time with jokers.

An expensive escort can either be operating as an individual with her own profile online, or working under the umbrella of an escort agency. Escort agencies have detailed profiles about these escorts, their photos, and you have a wide pool to select from. You just need to select the one you’re interested in, and get hooked up with her. An expensive escort operating individually on the other hand, could be a part-time model or even student! She could accompany you during your shopping trips to London, or on holiday abroad. Most of them live in luxurious apartments alone, and after a long day visiting places of attending a meeting, she can later invite you to her place.

With an expensive escort by your side, people would even confuse you for a celebrity couple! They dress elegantly; they have the gait and confidence needed to even walk into a King’s palace without breaking a sweat!


However, you should always expect to cough a bit more than ordinarily in order to secure the company of an expensive escorts.


The most expensive escorts can incredibly shower you with pampering and attention, leaving you feeling complete and total!

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